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Live Performance.

Whether you need a drummer, percussionist, pianist, vocalist or even a band for a live show, feel free to get in touch.

Studio Recordings.

I am able to record on location or remotely from my home studio, be it with audio, midi or a combination of the two.

Whether you're recording a demo, album or simply in need of some click, backing or karaoke tracks, I'll be happy to help.


No band, line up or ensemble too big or too small. From a solo instrument, to a full orchestra.

Many sheet music websites can be daunting. It's not always possible to know how a piece will look, sound and feel like to an artist or audience, as well as for the musicians reading, interpreting and playing them.

Whether you're an athlete looking for a piece of music for a sports event or program, an artist who has an audition, a guest entertainer for a gig, concert or show, drop me a line regarding anything on arrangements, charts, commissioned works and orchestrations.  

Education and Teaching.

I have loved music since I can remember, yet I am not sure when I first started playing exactly. My first recollections of live performances were around my mid teens.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of music, is when one has the opportunity to partake in the sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience. To think of that one idea alone makes me feel incredibly humble and proud to be an artist.

I feel that through the years of passion, commitment, devotion and dedication, I am of a level professional enough and capable enough, to care for and nurture anyone who is remotely interested in music.

Whether you would like to study or learn a new instrument, music theory, writing, orchestration, having played all over the world, I can assist with performance skills, as well as ensemble musicianship. 

As well as having taught privately, I have taught publicly in the UK including; Manchester and Trafford Music Services, colleges and conservatories including; LIPA, RNCM and BIMM, as well as schools in the U.S including; ECU, North Carolina and Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

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